We create digital models & influencers for your brand content and advertising campaigns.

We are a new type of agency that marries creativity with virtuality to discover, define, and deploy the most engaging content for any brand. By building bridges between brands and virtuality, we can work faster, smarter, and more creatively - with content adapted and optimized for all formats and platforms.

New.Land was specifically created for global marketing and communications. Thanks to 3D technology, our team can simplify (smaller teams, materials etc.) and add flexibility (adapting and adjusting your visuals any time) to usual brand content and advertising campaigns production. We make your brand more visible and more engaging.

We are New.Land, a new kind of Agency.

The Advantage



Possibility to create a model according to your physical specifications that correspond
to your ideal target.



 Virtual models can generate up to 500% more engagement than any brands or top influencers.



You remove some of the PR risks from influencers. Everything is in a controlled setting by the people who are managing that account.



Creating avatars on the computer allows us to adapt and adjust at any moment (physical characteristics, environment, lighting, angles, etc.…)



 On top of creating visuals for your campaigns, we can provide them in all formats specific to each platform on both mobile and desktop.



The virtual world allows access to unexplored terrain and the creation of novel situations. Anything is now possible.

The Creative process and technique

The creation process is divided in various steps: Modeling, Texturing, Hairstyle, Emotion and Rendering. Once the character is created, we produce visuals/animations that will be used for your brand and social content and creative campaigns.